Which Is The Best Method For Painless Hair Removal At Home?

A lot of people think that shaving is pretty much the only method of getting rid of unwanted body hair at home without hurting yourself.  While this used to be true, there are some new products out there that actually will help keep your skin smooth and hairless without the pain typically associated with non-shaving methods of home hair removal.  Hair removal creams, home laser hair treatments, as well as a new technology called Thermicon are all options for painless hair removal at home.

A Different Sort Of Hair Removal Cream

You may have tried depilatory products in the past, but people typically stop using them pretty quickly.  Why?  The smell, for one, but mostly it’s the discomfort that makes people go back to shaving.  Depilatories creams have always relied on caustic chemicals to burn away the hair, leaving the skin feeling like… well, like it had just been rubbed down with caustic chemicals that burn organic material.

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There’s a new hair removal cream called Revitol that actually works, but seems to be much gentler on the skin.  THIS ONE ACTUALLY DOESN’T HURT!  Typically the first use or two feels a little bit tingly, but this sensation goes away after you’ve used it a couple times.  If you’re interested in this product, be sure to check out this Revitol review.

Home Lasers? But I’m No Scientist!

Home laser hair treatments are actually a pretty new method of painless hair removal at home.  It sounds a little intimidating at first to people who have only heard of professional, expensive laser treatments, but it’s actually very simple to do, and more importantly, IT REALLY WORKS!
Most people describe the sensation of using one of these lasers as being like a light snap from a rubber band.  The intensity is adjustable, though, so you can go really easy on it if you have sensitive skin.
If you do decide to try the laser option, be advised that there are really only two products of this type out there that have been tested and proven (and FDA approved) to work: The Tria Laser Hair Removal, and The Silk’n SensEpil.  They both come with MONEY BACK GUARANTEES, so you don’t have to risk any money, but be sure you only buy from their official websites.

But I’ve Never Even Heard Of Thermicon…

Thermicon is actually the newest technology I’m brining up in this article.  While the home laser systems use technology like the professional lasers to achieve the same results, they also suffer from the same drawback: they just don’t work for every hair color or skin type.  Thermicon, on the other hand, takes this technology and swaps out the laser in exchange for heat.  The process is remarkably similar, but users who have tried both Thermicon and the lasers say Thermicon is even easier on the skin.  A gentle warmness is all you’ll feel.

The only product that uses Thermicon technology is the No No Hair Removal, so steer clear of other products claiming to offer the same thing.  The No No also comes with a 60 DAY FREE TRIAL PERIOD!
If you’re looking for the absolute most painless hair removal at home, The No No with Thermicon is probably your best option.  The home laser hair treatments are very strong contenders, however.  Remember that the best place to buy any of these products is only from their respective official websites.

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