Which Is The Best At Home Laser Hair Removal System?

It’s a pretty exciting time for anybody who has ever been interested in laser hair removal, but hasn’t been able to afford it in the past.  New products finally bring the smooth, hairless skin of expensive professional treatments into the home, at a price anybody can afford.  Unfortunately, most of the gizmos marketed as hair removal lasers are pure junk, so it can help immensely just to know which is the best at home laser removal system.

Only Two Real Choices

When it comes right down to it, there are actually only two real options when it comes to home laser treatments.  Both of them are FDA approved, and have been tested and proven time and time again to offer PAINLESS, PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL!  Both utilize technology surprisingly similar to what is offered in salons and clinics, but at a fraction of the price.  These are the Silk’n SensEpil, and the Tria Laser Hair Removal.

So, Which One Is Right For Me?

If you’d like to take a really in depth look at the differences between the two units, click here for a Tria vs Silk’n SensEpil comparison review.  Though they’re remarkably similar, there are some differences you should be aware of before buying.

While both are as simple to use as holding against your skin, the Tria’s cordless, buttonless design makes it a little easier to reach difficult areas.  The SensEpil, on the other hand, has a bigger laser than the Tria (they call theirs a Home Pulse Light), and this lets you cover more skin at once, meaning you have to spend less time per treatment session.

Either of these products honestly might be considered the best at home laser hair removal system, depending on what your needs are.  If seeing results as soon as possible is a concern, some reviewers have reported seeing results slightly sooner with the Silk’n SensEpil than its competitor.

It should be said that both units come with a COMPLETELY RISK FREE TRIAL PERIOD that will be more than enough time to see real results with the product.  It’s one of the better incentives to try one of these units out, because it won’t cost you anything if you’re unsatisfied, for whatever reason.

Save A Lot Of Money, Remove A Lot Of Hair

I’m sure many of you have looked into getting professional laser treatments before.  Talk about sticker shock!  They’ll charge you around $500 just for the first of many sessions required to get you fully hair free.  Both the Tria and Silk’n SensEpil bring you identical results, AT A FRACTION OF THE PRICE AND A FRACTION OF THE INCONVENIENCE!

With convenient monthly payment plans, these products are both within the means of everyday consumers.  If money is really tight, though, you can get the Tria for about $100 less.

My personal choice for the best at home laser hair removal system would probably be the Tria, and I encourage you to click here to read this excellent review of it.  The main advantage of the Silk’n SensEpil is the large light and shorter treatment times, and while some prefer this, I found the Tria was a bit more convenient for a number of reasons.  If you do end up buying one, or just taking it for a test spin, make sure you only do so from the official product website.


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